The benefits of a work-at-home model are well established. A virtually unlimited pool of qualified talent, rapid deployment, flexible scheduling, high productivity and lower attrition and cost all translate into a better and more nimble workforce. 

The workforce has evolved, have you?

Brick & Mortar

Long commutes in rush hour traffic to go work in cube farms under inflexible schedules can lead to high attrition and unsatisfied employees. Looking for skilled talent? You get what’s available locally or have relocation expenses.

Tethered Work-at-Home

You can work from home but need to live close to an office. More schedule flexibility and less commuting = happier employees and better retention. Talent supply is still constrained by the local labor market but you have moved in the right direction.

Untethered Work-at-Home

We don’t care where you live – go buy a cabin in the woods or spend half the year at the beach, as long as you can get fast internet. Lifestyle = ecstatic and loyal employees. Want to hire skilled talent? No problem, cherry-pick the top performers wherever they're located.

Delivering top talent to your desktop

No limits. No boundaries. Free yourself from the local labor market.

You can’t control where the best talent lives, but you can control how you find them.  By using our homesourcing model, you can benefit from having access to the best talent all while achieving the benefits of a virtual workforce.

There's really no place like home, so why not find talent there?

Homesourcing is our solution to hiring skilled resources with niche expertise, minimizing fixed overhead costs, lowering attrition, reducing risk due to natural disaster, and increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.

Work-at-Home Facts + Stats

  •  Full-time telecommuting has grown by more than 100% since 2005.

  • Work-at-home is projected to double again over the next 10 years, higher growth than any occupation.

  • Almost 40% of the workforce telecommuted at least part-time in 2015. 


Work-at-Home Growth