If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video can do.

Work-at-home is great, but for some it can be an isolating experience. People want to connect and feel a part of something. They want to work within a team and contribute to a broader mission. Enter Bhive™.

Revolutionizing the virtual work environment, Bhive brings home-based employees together into a visually connected and team-driven workspace. Virtually connected, all the time, from anywhere.

Insightful management

As a virtual team management tool, Bhive allows you to easily manage your employees from anywhere. With a continuous visual connection, managers can see when, where, and how their employees are working.

Virtual transparency

View at-home employees working in real-time through live-streaming webcam feeds, just as if they were located in your office.

Real-time presence

Visual alerts notify you as team members change from work activities and production to breaks, lunch, meetings, training, etc.

Time tracking

Quickly review daily time logs and adherence to schedules.  View reports and dashboards with detailed breakdowns by activity. 

Performance metrics

Manage performance through live dashboards with production, quality, and other key metrics for individuals and teams - customizable to your systems.

Pulse engagement surveys

Immediate anonymous survey feedback measuring employee engagement and satisfaction tracking trends by department,  supervisor, and  job function. 

Communication & collaboration

Chat, video meetings, and screen sharing through integration with Skype for Business and other leading collaboration tools. 

Elevate your employee engagement

Home alone? Not on Bhive. Your employees can work virtually "side-by-side" throughout the day, creating a fun, transparent, immersive experience for the entire team. With a shared sense of purpose, accountability, and collaboration they will be more engaged than ever.


Persistent video allows at-home employees to view other team members throughout the day as if they were working side-by-side in the office. They can see supervisors also, so if they need assistance they know when and who to ask for help.  


Through integration with Skype for Business and other tools, Bhive brings instant messaging, video meeting, and screen sharing capability into a live team view dashboard to provide employees with a unique and real-time platform for communication and collaboration.


Bhive can integrate with leading LMS applications to provide a central learning and development platform for instructor-led and self-paced training. Team members can post questions on the forum, access job aides and other resources, and query the FAQ for answers to common challenges.


Team members can see how they are performing relative to their individual goals on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Launch friendly team competitions and view progress on the leader board. Recognize achievements with badges, awards, and prizes.